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  • 生日快樂!
  • 青春常駐!
  • 福如東海,壽比南山!
  • 一帆風順!
  • 身健如牛!
  • 工作順利!
  • 開開心心!
  • 幸福快樂!
  • 心想事成!
  • 笑口常開!
  • May your day be a delight, your tomorrow shining bright. Happy Birthday to you!
  • May your day be bright and all that is good shine upon you, May all that is happy be filled into your heart. Happy Birthday to you!
  • Hoping all the best things will always come your way. With best wishes on your Birthday!
  • Hope your day is filled with joy and blessings. Happy Birthday!
  • Dear Father, Wishing you good health and happiness on your Birthday!
  • Dear Mother, There is no one like you in all the love and warmth you have given. Happy Birthday with Love!
  • Dear Brother, Wishing you a successful future!
  • Dear Sister, Hoping you will have a wonderful Birthday!